The competitions organiser is Bob Merrifield email at

Useful Links

2018 Turner of the year (TOY) and Competitor of the year (COY) Year to date positions and Monthly/Show competition results.

Competition scoring system as of February 2018 and RULES

Competitions GALLERY (Photos of turned entries and competition certificate winners)

Competitions for 2018

  • February 15th Club Night - ‘Open’ - Anything you like, as long as it’s mainly turned
    (Well done: 36 entries across the 3 Sections)
  • May 17th Club Night - 3 Different Turned Fruit - Apple, Pear, Lemon, Plum, Peach, Orange, Starfruit - over to you!
  • The 2018 Annual Show Competitions - the 4 Categories are:
    1. Open - Anything you have turned - May be decorated, textured, pierced etc. but must be TURNED!
    2. Bowl or Platter, maximum diameter 12 inches (305mm)
    3. A Pair of somethings - Eggcups, Apples, Candlesticks, Goblets, Human Figures, you name it. As long as they’re turned!
    4. A Scoop or Ladle - As ornate as you like but clearly showing turned elements
  • October 18th Club Night - A Goblet - which is defined as ‘A drinking vessel with a stem and a foot’ - May be wonky!
  • December Club Night - Fun Competition(s) - topic(s) to be announced.