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Pepper Mills at Dawn
Sunday 17th February 2019

Members from yesterday morning's spindle training show off the fruits of their labour.

New Website Launched
Saturday 16th February 2019

I am pleased to announce that the long awaited new website is live!

So what's changed...

It has been re-written completely, to produce a system that can be updated far more easily (and quickly) by non-technical staff, and even members can upload their own photos to create galleries of their work for public display.

At first glance, it may not look like the new site provides much more functionality than its predecessor, but don't be fooled; there is a great deal going on behind the scenes. I won't bore you with the details, but everything is integrated which makes the data much easier to manipulate. This means pages like the events list are dynamic and won't ever display events from the past, and a panel on the home page listing dates for the next Xyz... event will always be up to date. This also means members can be emailed timely reminders for upcoming events including a detailed, auto generated, diary with the reminder. 

The Sales page has been renamed to Adverts and members can include photos with their advert description. In addition, members are notified by email when a new advert appears. The Forum menu no longer links to an external website; the new site includes its own. As per the Adverts, members get email notifications when new forum posts are made, so it is likely that a member asking a question will receive responses more rapidly. 

Any members starting to get concerned about the number of emails they think they might get need not worry though. Members can specify on their preferences settings which types of emails they want to receive.   

As mentioned above, members can create their own galleries. A dedicated contact page for each gallery owner allows external communication from anyone interested in a member's work. If desired, prices can be displayed against items too. For example, Graham Drury has added a new gallery already which should illustrate what's capable, including a profile page.

There are still a number of features yet to complete and, of course, the remote possibility that you might find bugs - especially if you are an Internet Explorer user! Please bear with me, as even with the extensive testing that has been done by myself and my mini-team of of helpers, it is likely that issues will arise. 

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