February Clubnight Report

By Bob Merrifield (Competitions Organiser)

February’s Club Night saw a superb attendance and the first competition of 2018 had a magnificent total of 36 entries. When you see this sort of interest, it encourages you to believe that the Club really does have nearly 130 members.

‘OPEN’ competitions are, for obvious reasons, the best supported during the year, both Evening and Annual Show varieties. This one was remarkable for the total absence of items such as ‘Replica Mediaeval Thwork Dongler’ that consist of 17 different components, only one of which could remotely be described as ‘turned’. No, all items this time were strictly legit.
The Beginner Class was especially encouraging, having a total of 13 entries, almost as many as the Advanced Class’s 15. The Intermediate volume was more disappointing, only 8 entries here.

Winners were:
Beginner – Frank Eveleigh (41 Points)
Intermediate – Richard Wakeman (57 Points, 25 ahead of his nearest challenger!)
Advanced – Sue Vincent (51 Points)
See the full results here

It’s great to see the high quality of work on display. You need to see Keith West’s superb photos below to understand just how high was the standard.

Well done to all, and especially to the beginners. If you didn’t come in the top 5 this time, don’t be disheartened; try again in May with ‘3 Different Turned Fruits’. Hopefully you will have seen Tony Bennett’s demo at the February meeting and have been inspired to take part
Don’t forget, if you’re not sure about something, you only have to ask one of the more experienced turners. They don’t bite and some of them even know what they’re talking about!

Thanks to those members who helped me with my first foray into Competition Officering, in particular to Graham Drury, John Haxell and Keith West, and to those dedicated souls who set-up and clear-up.

Thanks, too, to all those who entered items. Keep them coming in May!

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